29 Sept 1927 The inaugural meeting of the Rotary Club of Timaru was held. There were 25 members at the first meeting, with 18 members of the Christchurch Rotary Club attending as the sponsoring Club.
6 Oct 1927 The second meeting was held, supported by 18 members of the Rotary Club of Oamaru.
10 Nov 1927
The Rotary Club of Timaru Number 2705 elected to membership of Rotary International.
Mr W. Thomas was appointed the Club's first President. Club members were called by their surnames the first year.
1928-29 W. Thomas continued as President and the Club's first community service project was to assist the Boy Scouts and Orphanages.
16 Feb 1928 The Club's Charter was officially presented by President P. Foster of the Christchurch Club.
1929-30 P B. Foote, President. Committee formed to assist local Blind Institute under the guidance of Sam McClelland. The official emblem of a gear wheel with 6 spokes, 24 teeth and a keyway was adopted by Rotary International.
1930-31 B. L. Blodorn, President. The Club raised funds for a Chair of Obstetrics at the University of Otago.
1931-32 L. S. Talbot, President. Depression. Christmas dinner provided for 350 needy families in Timaru.
1932-33 W. O. Campbell, President. Club meetings were held over luncheon which was one shilling per head.
1933-34 B. E. H Tripp, President. Rotary formed the Timaru Branch of the Crippled Children's Society.
1934-35 F.I. Washbourn, President. The lapel badge presented to Mr Washbourn by R. I. Founder, Paul Harris, is now on the Club's Presidential Chain of Office.
1935-36 W. B. Young, President. Past President W. Thomas was elected N.Z. District Governor.
1936-37 S.G. McClelland, President. (At the time of the Club's Fiftieth Jubilee in 1977, Sam was the only surviving Charter Member of the Club).
1937-38 A. G. Tait, President. The Club raised funds for a permanent Health Camp. The Ashburton Rotary Club was formed and a bell presented to them by the Timaru Club.
1938-39 K. S. Brown, President. Major Johnston donated the land that is now Pioneer Park at Raincliff. The Club planted trees there over many years.
1939-40 J. A. Norrie, President. World War Two began. 230 ornamental trees planted on the highway from Washdyke to Pleasant Point. An Armed Forces entertainment Committee was formed. (Jock Satterthwaite, the longest serving active member at the time of the Fiftieth Jubilee in 1977, joined the Club).
1940-41 H. C. Romans, President. Leave of absence granted to Rotarians in the Armed Forces. 30 trees were purchased from Napier and were planted alongside the highway south.
1941-42 C. H. Shackell, President. The Club conducted the first house-to-house appeal in Timaru and 1,505 pounds was raised for Patriotic funds.
1942-43 C. H. Shackell served a second term as President. Timaru Club hosted the South Island assembly. Club membership 42 plus 11 on active service.
1943-44 H Somerville, President.
1944-45 C. Gibson, President. Heritage South Canterbury sponsored by Rotary. The Presidential Chain of Office came into being. A lapel badge of Rotary 's founderPaul Harris now has pride of place on the chain. When a deputation of Timaru Club Members went to the Railway Station to meet Rotary Founder Paul Harris as he passed through Timaru he noticed that Past President F.J. Washbourn wasn't wearing a badge and presented him with his. This is the badge that is now on the Club's Chain of Office.
1945-46 F. Robinson, President. Club membership subscriptions were increased to three guineas.
1946-47 H.D. Oddie, President. Waimate Club was formed and the Charter presented on 19/6/47. 235 food parcels were sent to Britain during the year.The founder of Rotary International, Paul Harris, passed away and The Rotary Foundation was set up as a memorial.
1947-48 A. E. Horwell, President. Past President Bert Blodorn was appointed District Governor. The Temuka Rotary Club was formed. The Timaru Club, with 63 members, celebrated its 21 st Anniversary with a dinner held in the Caroline Bay Tearooms on 21 December 1948.
1948-49 M. W. Wilson, President. First meeting of Rotary and Federated Farmers held at Pleasant Point. Tree planting at Pioneer and Centennial Parks.
1949-50 R. D. King, President. Membership fees increased to five guineas. Members worked almost every Saturday on projects in Centennial Park. Food parcels sent to Britain.
1950-51 H. W. Washbourn, President. Members had a cricket match against Federated Farmers at Cave. 18 boxes (13 hundredweight) of text books sent to Rotary Club of Rangoon, Burma, for students at Rangoon University. Members worked on Centennial Park. On one day 1,000 Oregon Pines were planted.
1951-52 H. K. Smith, President. Joint meeting with the Oamaru Rotary Club in Oamaru. Bus fare 10 shillings ($1), meal shillings and 6 pence (35 cents). Rural-urban meeting with the Temuka Rotary Club and Federated Farmers. Overseas student from Lincoln spoke in honour of United Nations week.
1952-53 R. G. Slade, President. 25th Anniversary of the Club. A celebration dinner was held in the Bay Tearooms for 5 shillings a head.
1953-54 R. O. Veitch, President. District Assembly held in Timaru. Promoted to the community the importance of the Four-Way test. Members worked and picnicked with families at Pioneer Park.
1954-55 P. D. Laurie, President. Club raised funds for the Crippled Children's Home. On 28 February 1955 the Club celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Rotary International.
1955-56 J. R. Howie, President. Crippled Children's Society funds complete and North Street property purchased.
1956-57 M. A. Bull, President, and Rector of Timaru Boys' High School. District Assembly held in Timaru.
1957-58 H. A. Morton, President. International Forum on Russia was held. The Club also sponsored a wax works show.
1958-59 G.H. Stevens, President. Members attended a naturalisation ceremony for new New Zealanders and took them to dinner. The Club ran a Gala day on the Bay and sponsored the Jack Maybury show to raise money for community service.
1959-60 R. J. Comrie, President. Harold J. Thomas of Auckland served as International President of Rotary.
1960-61 Eric Preen, President. Direction indicators erected at the airport and on top of the Bay Hill opposite the Hydro Grand Hotel.
1961-62 Les Betts, President. Youth Committee erected play equipment at Presbyterian Children's Home.
1962-63 Leo Oliff, President. The Club was visited by World President Joseph Abbey. It was decided to pay 6 shillings a head to ensure a good meal on Ladies Night
1963-64 Wally M. McDonald, President. Roller skating rink on Caroline Bay completed with assistance of the Bay Carnival Committee. The Club also formed the Roller Skating Club.
1964-65 George R. Milward, President. Rotary Foundation. Timaru Club became a 400% club in 1964 and even with increased membership was still a 400% club in 1969. Membership rose from 79 to 100. Wishing well erected on top of the Bay Hill.
1965-66 George Kingston, President. The Club assisted with Carols by Candlelight in the Botanical Gardens. Membership 111. All members helped layout the grounds of Glenwood Home.
1966-67 Jack Mackay, President. Seat allocation by ticket introduced for Club meetings. Rotary Club of Timaru South formed and chartered 11/3/67. Rotoract programme introduced for young men and women aged18-28 years.
1967-68 Hugh A. Currie, President. Club assisted in formation of the Solo Parents' Association. 40th Anniversary of the Club celebrated in the Bay Tearooms on 11/11/67 at $6.00 double.
1968-69 Brian J. Petrie, President. District 298 Conference held in Timaru. $1,000 raised by holding arts and crafts exhibition in the Bay Hall for stained glass windows in the Nurses' Chapel.
1969-70 Graham A. Foote, President. Rotary Club of Timaru North met for the first time on 22/7/69 and chartered on 4/10/69. Club assisted in formation of Timaru Welfare Advisory Board.
1970-71 Cliff Benny, President. The Club co-ordinated the city-wide million bottles drive.
1971-72 Frank G. Howe, President. Club sponsored the Rotoract Club of Timaru. The Club conducted a retirement seminar for the public.
1972-73 Jim W. Morse, President. S.C. Rotary Clubs raised $24,000 for the Salvation Army Children's Home.
1973-74 J. Eddie Thompson, President. Youth Exchange student Carol Benedict from U.S.A. was hosted by the Club.
1974-75 Owen W. MacDonald, President. Anaesthetic machine given to the Helen Goldie Hospital in the British Solomon Islands.
1975-76 Albie R. Young, President. Members helped citizens repair property after the August 1st 100 mph. NW wind storm. Club sponsored youth exchange student Margie Mayman to South Africa for a year.
1976-77 Ray Welch, President. Youth adventure camp held at Raincliff for underprivileged youngsters. Outward bound graduates and Rotoractors assisted. The Club hosted Tracey Timmins, Youth exchange student from Bellingham, Washington, U.S.A.
1977-78 John C. Oddie, President. Golden Jubilee Year. Jubilee Club Meeting and past members' night, 15/11/77. Jubilee Dinner and Ball, 19/11/77. Thanksgiving Church Service, 20/11/77. Jubilee Project. $3,700 was raised by raffling a Mini car. Funds to be used for a fountain on the city's new library site. Timaru Club member Frank Howe District Governor.
1978-79 Moran Brownie, President. Library Fountain opened. Hobbies Fair raised $3,500. Combined Rotary Clubs of South Canterbury cabaret held. Meal Price $3
1979-80 Bill Meldrum, President. Barley was grown as a fundraising venture. Hobbies Fair raised $2,500. Weekend camp for disadvantaged children held at Raincliff.
Vern Brosnahan, President.  RI President Rolf J. Klärich.  Theme: Take Time to Serve. 
Putting green established at Margaret Wilson Home. Playhouse presented to Timaru Playcentre. Trampoline presented to Maru School. Barley crop showed a return of $3,225.
John Stubbs, President.  RI President Stanley E. McCaffrey.  Theme: World Understanding and Peace through Rotary.
Rotatrike presented to Crippled Children's Society. Maze erected on CarolineBay. Barley crop showed a return of $2,005
Jack Johnston, President.  RI President Hiroji Mukasa.  Theme: Mankind Is One — Build Bridges of Friendship throughout the World.
Jan Gaffaney Exchange Student to USA and Monica de Oliveira arrived from Brazil. 104 cases citrus fruit from North Island delivered to Elderly Citizens. Paul Hunter Secretary from 1964-1983 retired.
Garry de Joux, President. RI President William E. Skelton.  Theme: Share Rotary, Serve People.
Paul Hunter Awarded Paul Harris Fellowship. Medical supplies sent to the Solomon Islands. StrathspeyTrio recording launched. Exchange student Kay Fenton to Japan.
Bill Jordan, President. RI President Carlos Canseco.  Theme: Discover a New World of Service.
Exchange student Signe Ree Lindstad from Norway arrived. Birthright building painted. Rhododendrons planted in Centennial Park. Eric Hall awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship. Meal Price $4.00. Twenty-five members and friends walked the Milford Track.
Roy Evans, President.  RI President Edward F. Cadman.  Theme: You Are the Key.
Assisted Cancer Society with Radiothon Appeal $90,000 raised. Maintenance carried out at Plunket Society premises. Debra Brien selected as a Rotary Foundation Scholar - Exchange student from USA Julie Flowers.
Colin Taylor, President.  RI President M.A.T. Caparas.  Theme: Rotary Brings Hope.
Bob Veitch awarded Paul Harris Fellowship. Eric Hall Rotary Club of Timaru Charitable Trust established with gift of $10,000 from Eric Hall. Outward Exchange student Paul Cullimore to Norway.
Ron White, President. RI President Charles C. Keller.  Theme: Rotarians — United in Service — Dedicated to Peace.
60th anniversary celebrated. Hospital beds sent to Papua New Guinea. Leisure show held at Caroline Bay estimated 10,000 visitors. $10,000 grossed. $20,300 raised for Polio plus campaign.
John Denley, President. RI President Royce Abbey.  Theme: Put Life into Rotary — Your Life.
Exchange student from Japan Chizuru Kikui. Aorangi Probus Club chartered President Rotary International Royce Abby visited Timaru. RYLA Course held in Timaru. Tony Shaw selected as member of GSE Team to New York. Exchange Student Emily Walton to Norway. Motivation evening with Dr Steven Saunders netted $2,700.
Peter Milward, President. RI President Hugh M. Archer.  Theme: Enjoy Rotary!.
$7,900 raised toward Centennial Park project. $1,500 donated to Mammography Unit. Apprentice Award established.
Ashley Milliken, President. RI President Paulo V.C. Costa.  Theme: Honor Rotary with Faith and Enthusiasm. 
Paul Harris Fellowship award to John Stubbs. First female member MegParkin inducted. Malvina Major concert held. Caroline Ladies Probus Club established. Caterers for over 30 years, Barry Leathem retired.
Robin Hawkins, President. RI President Rajendra K. Saboo.  Theme: Look Beyond Yourself.
Paul Harris Fellowship Award to Albie Young. Exchange student from Scotland Craig Howatt, Rebecca Homsey on Exchange in Sweden. Emergency Boxes sent to Western Samoa. Probus Club of Ben Venue chartered.
Gary Pollock, President. RI President Clifford L. Dochterman.  Theme: Real Happiness Is Helping Others.
Small Business Seminar held. Prime Minister Jim Bolger attended Club meeting. Ron White awarded Paul Harris Fellowship. 3,000 trees planted in Centennial Park. Brendan Wood selected as a GSE Team member to Texas.
Ron Paulin, President. RI President Robert Barth.  Theme: Believe in What You Do — Do What You Believe in.
Vern Brosnahan awarded Paul Harris Fellow ship. Exchange student from Canada Jamie Dehnke. Car seats donation to Timaru Plunket. Ron White District Governor. District Conference held at Mt Cook. Meal Price $12
Noel Stray, President.  RI President Bill Huntley.  Theme: Be a Friend. 
School garden competitions established. Hobbies and craft fair raised $8,384. $1,000 donation to Salvation Army for Christmas disbursement.Trees for survival project established at Mountainview High School. Jack Johnstonawarded a Paul Harris Fellowship.
Bob Rogers, President. RI President Herbert G. Brown.  Theme: Act with Integrity, Serve with Love, Work for Peace.
$4,000 donated towards the purchase of books for all babies born in Timaru during the year. Health & Life Expo held and raised $5,000 for the Child Health Research Foundation. Particle Board partitions purchased. Exchange student from Japan Yukiko Kamagata. Colin Taylor andRobin Hawkins awarded Paul Harris Fellowships.
John Barton, President. RI President Luis Vicente Giay.  Theme: Build the Future with Action and Vision.
Kate Woodall awarded Ambassadorial Scholarship. Top School Games organised. Hobbies Fair held with proceeds of $3,000 to Cancer Society Davidson House. Matching grant programmed to support Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia initiated. Bruce Fraser, Bruce Strathern, Roy Evans and John Denley awarded Paul Harris Fellowships.
Ian Behrnes, President. RI President Glen W. Kinross.  Theme: Show Rotary Cares — for your community, for our world, for its people.
Health & lifestyle Expo held with returns of $2,500. Fistula Matching grant supported by other Clubs in District raised $20,000. Exchange student Tam Smith to South Africa. GSE Team from Austria visited. Literacy Programme assisted. Frank Howe awarded Paul Harris Sapphire Award. Meal Price $13.
Paul Dewsbery, President. RI President James L. Lacy.   Theme: Follow Your Rotary Dream.
Temporary Skate Board park formed on Caroline Bay. Celebrated the club's 70th anniversary with a Luncheon at the Yacht Club. Bruce Wilson awarded Paul Harris Fellowship. Exchange student Malthe Lange from Denmark.
Meg Parkin, President. RI President Carlo Ravizza.  Theme: Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity.
Meg was the Club's first female member, and the first woman president. Drive a Dream project raised $3000. Raffle held to support Kiwi Can raised $6,800. Direction Finder on Bay Hill relocated. Crazy mirrors added to Maze. Derek Hayman awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship. Rotary President Citation awarded to Club for achieving goals set for the year.
Lionel Wilson, President.  RI President Frank J. Devlyn.  Theme: Create Awareness — Take Action.
Paul Harris fellowships awarded to Gavin Wilton and Ellwyn Mackie. Sarah Hutchinson exchange student top Sweden. Silent Auction raised $3,000 for the Rotary Foundation. The Club received the District Project Cup in recognition of the Kiwi Can project. $2,000 donated to Timaru Beautifying Society.
Jacob Strating, President.  RI President Richard D. King.  Theme: Mankind Is Our Business.
International project undertaken with the Shaheen Rotary Club inPakistan. Exchange student Jonathon Rawstom to Sweden.Wetlands Trust awareness walk held.Dick Hubbard addressed club. Paul Harris Fellowship awarded to Paul Dewsbery. John Stubbs awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship Sapphire pin.
Ellwyn Mackie, President.  RI President Bhichai Rattakul.  Theme: Sow the Seeds of Love.
The Club celebrated its 75th Anniversary. Paul Harris Fellowships were awarded to Wynn and Nan Raymond. The Combined local Rotary clubs held grand variety concert at Theatre Royal and raised $10,000 for Polio Plus. $17,000 was raised at the first charity auction with celebrity guest Peter Leitch "The Mad Butcher". Sarah Jarvis was selected as a member of a GSE team to California.
Eion McKinnon, President.  RI President Jonathan B. Majiyagbe.  Theme: Lend a Hand.
Paul Harris Fellowships awarded to Ian Behrnes, Ron Paulin and Meg Parkin. Michael Barrymore was the celebrity guest at the Charity Auction andDinner which raised $32,000 for various charities. Exchange student from Germany Maddi Gartenschlaeger.
Lance Wensley, President.  RI President Glenn E. Estess Sr.  Theme: Celebrate Rotary.
Abbey Winfield exchange student to France. Lionel Wilson awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship. Rotary International celebrated its 100 year Anniversary. Auction proceeds totalled $40,000 with celebrity guest Irene Van Dyk. The Club was awarded a Presidential Citation. Lionel Wilson, John Barton and Bob Rogers were awarded Paul Harris Fellowships. The club adopted a new constitution.
Rodger Laycock, President.  RI President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar.  Theme: Service Above Self.
 Hamish Jackson-Hay exchange student to Germany. Noel Stray and Ashley Milliken awarded Paul Harris Fellowships. Celebrity guest at The Charity Auction was Mike King with $30,000 being raised. 3 year project for the primary school in Lahore Pakistan completed.
Dick Johnston, President.  RI President William B. Boyd.  Theme: Lead the Way.
Exchange student from Denmark Anna Plum. John Satterthwaite and Dorothy White awarded a Paul Harris Fellowships and Ron White a sapphire pin. The Charity Auction raised $40,000 with Tim Shadbolt as the celebrity guest. The Club was awarded a Presidential Citation and received the trophies at the District conference for the best club bulletin and the best attendance. Lionel and Lynette Wilson awarded sapphire pins from the District for their services to the Rotary Youth Exchange programme.
Bruce Borrell, President.  RI President Wilfrid J. Wilkinson.  Theme: Rotary Shares.
Medical equipment sent to Papua New Guinea. Hayden Binnie youth exchange student to Brazil. John Key presented the Mainland Address. DickJohnston awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship. Celebrity guest at the Charity Auction was Jackie Clarke with $36,000 raised. Anna Plum exchange student from Denmark.
Keith Bartholomew, President. RI President Dong Kurn Lee.  Theme: Make Dreams Real.
$6,000 donated to the Senior Citizens Association to purchase a "people mover". Funds were made available from the RJ and CH Moyes Trust. Exchange student from Austria, Paula Gruber. The Maze at Caroline Bay dismantled. Park seat donated for use at West End Park. The Club was awarded the Timaru District Council Community Award. Russell Finlay and Rodger Laycock were awarded Paul Harris Fellowships. Garden projects completed Waimataitai Kindergarten and Highfield Primary School. Two emergency boxes purchased for use in the Pacific area.
Michael Parr, President.  RI President John Kenny.  Theme: The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands.
Childrens' mobile playground purchased. Charity Auction raised $23,727 for SC Hospice and Rotary's Shelter Box project. Illustrated dictionaries were given to all Year 4 students in South Canterbury. Our member Lionel Wilson was appointed District Governor and the District Conference was held here in Timaru. KeithBartholomew and Tony Henderson were made Paul Harris Fellows and PHF Paul Dewsbery was awarded a Sapphire Pin.
Gillian Oppenheim, President. RI President Ray Klinginsmith. Theme: Building Communities — Bridging Continents.
Dictionaries again given to all Year 4 students and the project won the supreme award in the local Trust Power Community Awards. The Charity Auction with celebrity guest Jim Hopkins as MC raised $31,550, half of which, together with $40,000 from the Moyes Trust, was donated to the new Caroline Bay Aquatic Centre project. Timaru Herald photographer Natasha Martin was appointed to the GSE team toIndia. We hosted Danish exchange student Mette Gjedsted for the year. The raffle of a second hand car raised $10,500 for the Christchurch Earthquake appeal. Bruce Borrell, Roger Curr and Lance Wensley were made Paul Harris Fellows and PHF John Barton was awarded a Sapphire Pin.
Malcolm McDonald, President. RI President Kalyan Banerjee. Theme: Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.
Charity Auction held with Rabon Kahn as M.C. / Entertainer the major beneficiaries being the South Canterbury Heart Defibrillator project and upgrading of the South Canterbury Roller Skating Club’s track to international standard, which each received $11,000. A Rotary Interact Club was established at Timaru Boys’ High School. Regular annual projects conducted were "Top Schools Competition” and dictionaries for year 4 students in all South Canterbury schools. Ben McCambridge, who was sponsored by this Club, succeeded in gaining a place on the Rotary International Group Study Exchange visit to the Philippines. A raised garden for residents to use was installed at the Margaret Wilson Rest Home. Assistance was given with canvassing to raise $3million for a M.R.I. scanner at the Timaru Hospital and $50,000 was donated to the project from the Club’s charitable trusts. Gillian Oppenheim received a Paul Harris Fellowship and Bruce Borrell was given a PHF Sapphire award.
Tony Henderson, President. RI President Sakuji Tanaka. Theme: Peace Through Service.
The paraplegic hoist and access ramp at the new C.Bay Aquatic centre, for which the Club donated $55,000, was officially opened. Boxes of kindling wood were cut and delivered to needy people. "Top Schools Competition” and " Dictionaries in Schools " projects were organised. The annual "Charity Auction” was held and $30,000 from the proceeds was donated to nine local and Rotary charities. A Rotary International Group Study Exchange team from Ireland was hosted.
At District Conference, the Club received a Presidential Citation for outstanding service and the District Trophy for best Website. The Rotary Youth Driver Awareness project (R.Y.D.A.) was held for the first time in this area and received favourable comments from helpers and students. Nancy Hammond and Malcolm McDonald received Paul Harris Fellowships while Ellwyn Mackie was given a PHF Sapphire Award.
Tony Henderson, President. RI President Ron D. Burton. Theme: Engage Rotary Change Lives.
Five lap-top computers were donated to Literacy South Canterbury, a lap-top to S.C. Cancer Society, and an Ipad to a high school student with speech and learning difficulties.
A successful "Charity Auction” raised $30,000 for five local charities plus $9,000 specifically for Rotary International Shelterboxes. "Top Schools,” ”Rotary Youth Driver Awareness,” "Kindling Wood,” and " Dictionaries in Schools” projects were all carried out successfully. A container load of second hand wheelchairs, educational books and equipment was sent to Taveuni Island, Fiji. Help was given with the construction of raised vegetable gardens for the pupils of Gleniti School. John Barton was given a second PHF Sapphire Award and, for her significant contribution to the local community, former mayor Janie Annear was given a Paul Harris Fellowship Award.
Lynette Wilson, President. RI President Gary Huang. Theme: Light Up Rotary.
Projects supported included: six Coagucheck machines for Heart children; $10,000 towards the refurbishment of motors for the Coastguard boat; $5,000 for upgrading technology resources for the Life Education Van; a Laptop computer for NEXT; reprinting a children’s support booklet for Women’s Refuge; Learning For U tuition fees for children with learning difficulties, purchase of school uniform items supported by the JR McKenzie Trust. Books for Babies continues as a programme funded by the Moyes Trust, whereby all new Plunket babies born in South Canterbury receive a book.

Members assisted with Red Cross Book Sale and the Community Xmas dinner, setting up the old Park Bowling facility to become a hub for community groups. Practical projects included cutting and delivering kindling, watering new plantings at South Beach for Timaru District Council, co-ordinating Stroke awareness day. Year 4 school pupils in South Canterbury all received an illustrated Usborne dictionary, funded by our club through the RJ & CF Moyes Trust. Three students attended Outward Bound, and one student attended the National Science School in Auckland.

A Group Study Exchange (GSE) a team member from Texas was hosted and our club which had contributed towards the cost of this exchange. Eye glasses were collected to be sent to the Pacific Islands for recycling. Three Shelter Boxes have been purchased. In conjunction with the Rotary clubs of Waimate, Oamaru, and Timaru North, we supported Phase II of the Mongolian Maternity personnel training project.
Dave Woods, President. RI President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran. Theme: Be a Gift to the World.
The Club participated in Rotary International's "Innovative and Flexible Club Pilot Programme" with a view to exploring innovative ways for the Club to work in and with the community to better reflect the needs and interests of current and prospective members.  These changes included using social media to improve communication between members and with the wider community, and building community awareness of the Club's activities.
Our youth exchange student Flora's messages sent during her outward bound course, and Club member Julie Dockrill's postings from Mongolia while working on the Vocational Training Team Maternal Health Project were good examples of this development.  The Club also adopted a new website to better share information about the club's work with the community and make it easier for people to learn about and join us in our activities.
The Club moved from its long-standing meeting venue at the Caroline Bay Tearooms and explored several new venue options before setting in at the Grosvenor Hotel.
Flora Horvat, our Rotary Youth Exchange student from Austria was hosted by Meg Parkin and Roger Curr, and the Mudie and Woods families during her year in Timaru.
The Club's principal fundraising activity was the operation of the Hot Dog Van, with the proceeds being used to support a number of community charities and activities including the Alzheimers' Society's project to transform the former Botanical Garden Bowling Club rooms and site into a community facility for senior citizens.
Anne Carnie, President. RI President John F. Germ. Theme: Rotary Serving Humanity.
Club members collected surplus desks and chairs from local primary schools, dismantled them and packed them into a 40 ft container which was sent to schools in Fiji. We painted the fence surrounding the Alzheimers Association’s newly established rooms in the Botanical Gardens and financed the refurbishment of their toilet and washroom facilities.
We assisted St. John with blood pressure monitoring at the Highfield Supermarket, sponsored two high school pupils to attend the Rotary National Science & Technology Forum in Auckland and hosted a visiting team of Swedish Rotarians and partners.
Members acted as marshals at a Maize Maze raising funds for Plunket and cutting up firewood and kindling for the elderly and disabled. Selling Hot Dogs and Chips from our Caravan at several community events raised over $15,000 for our charitable activities.
A member of the club, Julie Dockrill, joined a small team of midwives from Australia and New Zealand who prepared a training course and traveled to Mongolia to teach local midwives while the club donated $4100 towards the cost of the project. 
Peter Russell, President. RI President Ian H.S. Riseley. Theme: Rotary: Making A Difference.
A first for the club was to have, instead of a guest speaker, a live video link with personnel wintering over at Scott Base, Antarctica, while a special event held in November was the club’s 90th Anniversary celebration.
Members water blasted the moss and grime off the concrete wall surrounding the Roller Skating Rink on Caroline Bay. The club having helped provide the rink in 1963/64 and donated $11,000 for the rink and clubroom extensions in 2011.
$5000 was donated to the Fred Hollows Foundation to provide approximately 200 cataract operations for Pacific islanders and $6000 was donated for Rotary Emergency Response Kits which provide shelter and equipment for victims of earthquakes and floods etc.
We replaced two cooking vats in the Hot Dog caravan which raised over $20,000 for our charitable activities.
We sponsored two local teenagers on a 10 day leadership training course on the “Spirit of Adventure” three-masted sailing ship.
Members helped with collecting funds for St. John and provided manpower for the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness program for senior high school students.
At the annual conference for Rotary clubs in the lower half of the South Island our club was awarded jointly with the Queenstown Rotary club the trophy for the best club Website.
Andrea Lord, President.  RI President Barry Rassin. Theme: Be the Inspiration. 
Regular working bees were held to cut up and bag off-cuts from a local joinery factory and deliver to needy citizens. We helped the St. John organisation with its Blood Pressure Awareness campaign at a supermarket and provided marshals for the Christmas Parade.
From our Hot Dog Caravan profits and Trust funds we donated  $6,000 to South Canterbury Rugby Assn. for Junior Rugby Development, $3416 was donated to the N.Z. Police Blue Light “Edge Program” for teenagers, $4,000 was donated to Parkinsons South Canterbury to promote its exercise classes,  $1,495 to Multiple Sclerosis S.C. for a special wheelchair and $4572 for the salary of a teacher in Nepal.
Members assisted with the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness course providing valuable training for senior high school pupils. We organised the supply of illustrated dictionaries to all Year 4 pupils in S.C. primary schools and financed and arranged delivery to our portion of the S.C. District.
Hosted Youth Exchange Student Olivia Pehrsdotter from Sweeden.
Over a number of months, a committee undertook a major review of the club’s Constitution and the accompanying set of Bylaws to reflect changes by Rotary International and our updated administration and practices.
Bev Slooten, President.  RI President Mark Maloney.  Theme: Rotary Connects the World.
Our Club’s structure altered a little with the Board of Directors and Charitable Trust meetings held on separate nights following a Club meeting. This has worked very well.
Colin Taylor was presented with a 50-year Rotary Membership Pin. Recipients of Paul Harris awards were Robyn Baldwin, Stephen Don and PHF Tony Henderson a Sapphire.
The Firewood Project has grown considerably and operates from premises in Hayes Street.  Usborne Illustrated Dictionaries were delivered to year 4 pupils in all schools in South Canterbury. Heart Kids South Canterbury and Multiple Sclerosis South Canterbury were the beneficiaries of proceeds from our Garage Sale.
Three Club members travelled to Thailand to assist with the redevelopment of laundry and bathroom facilities for an orphanage for stateless children. Members assisted with the Blood Pressure Awareness Campaign, Christmas Parade and The Pink Ribbon Appeal. Donations were made to ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children), Interplast (which provides plastic surgery for patients in the Asia-Pacific region) and Cyclone Harold through Rotary World Community Service.  The club's "Helping Hands" Project was set up to provide rapid response, either physical or financial, to emergency situations for individuals or organisations.  Sponsored Youth Exchange Student Yannick Millar to Switzerland. 
The Club received the District 9980 Website award which was presented at the District Governor's Changeover function in Waimate.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic New Zealand went into Level 4 lockdown at 11.59pm on 25 March 2020.  During the Lockdown meetings were suspended so the Club held virtual meetings by video-conference from 12th May and resumed physical meetings on Tuesday 9th June 2020. 
Jessica Hewitson, President.  RI President Holgar Knaack. Theme: Rotary Opens Opportunities.
We had another busy year opening opportunities for our community! As well as our long-standing projects (Wood distribution, Hot Dog Van, Books for Babies, Dictionaries for students) we sponsored a student on Rotary Science and Technology Forum, 4 to Outward Bound, 1 to Spirit of Adventure, and a young man to RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards).
We sponsored and provided volunteers for RYDA (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) at Levels Raceway. Donated to the Rotary NZ Centenary project ‘Give Every Child a Future’. Funding from the Bill MacKay Bequest was donated to the SC Bike Skills Park Project ($20,000). Moyes Trust gifted $30,000 to the YMCA’s Y-Drive Program and $6250 to CCS for Swim/Gym memberships.
Our Helping Hands group jumped into action with the widening of a pathway at a local lady’s home. We held a quiz to raise money for ShelterBox NZ. The Projects Committee upgraded the Timaru Airport Signs (showing the directions of cities around the world) that we originally erected in 1960.
We collaborated with many other organizations throughout the year, providing people power for St John’s Heart of Gold Appeal Collection, Toot for Tucker, South Canterbury Mini Golf Champs, Timaru Christmas Parade organizing committee and providing marshals, judges for the Christmas Lights Competition, CPLAY, providing a dessert platter for the Altrusa Conference – money raised to go to ‘Days for Girls’ charity.
Jess as the youngest President in our club’s history was invited to Wellington to talk to the Wellington Rotary Club as part of their centennial celebrations. She was also featured in the ‘Mana Tangata People of Action’ Centenary Book written to mark Rotary NZ’s commemorative year 2020-2021.
At the District 9980 Conference our club was awarded The Rotary Foundation Bronze Club Major Donor award, for contributions exceeding US$100,000. We congratulated Paul Dewsbery on his 40 years of membership.
At Changeover 2021/22 we awarded Shaun Anderson with a Paul Harris Fellow and Lionel Wilson with his 4th Sapphire PHF. A special highlight for the year was Julie Dockrill being awarded the “Rotary International People of Action – Champion of Health” award in April. There were over 100 applications submitted by Club Presidents for the award, and RI narrowed it down to the 6 winners. The award has given the Mongolian Maternal Health project worldwide attention. Julie and the team of Midwives have created a lifesaving, sustainable maternal health program and the evidence is clear with the massive reduction in morbidity rates in Mongolia.